10 tips to travel in Costa Rica

10 tips to travel in Costa Rica

These are the 10 tips to travel in Costa Rica…

Are you also entranced by the dense forests, exotic wildlife, steaming volcanoes, and ever-so-inviting beaches of Costa Rica? If yes, then plan your dream trip to this country today!

Away from the urban chaos of city life, Costa Rica is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers. So, a trip to this place must be well-planned to get the best experience out of it. Worry not because we’re here to help you with these tips to travel in Costa Rica!

Here, we’ve ten essential travel trips that will make your trip a lot more fun and hassle-free!

Plan the trip in advance

If you want to visit Costa Rica in the peak season, you might have to plan your trip ahead of time. Especially in winter, many North Americans and locals fly back to the South to spend the holiday season. 

Hence, it can get hard to find accommodation and transportation tickets. But if you be a little practical and look for hotel rooms weeks ahead of the trip, then you might catch a deal at the best price! Similarly, you can check out transportation websites or car rental services to make things work during your trip.

The Easter season is yet another busy one that attracts flocks of tourists. One can also check out the unique parades and programs organized during this time.

Visit during the rainy season, except October

Do you want to cut down your travel and accommodation expenses yet get the most out of your trip? If yes, visit Costa Rica in the offbeat monsoon season, starting from May to December. You won’t just save a lot, but you’ll also get the best experience of this trip. However, avoid visiting in October as the country receives heavy rainfall in that month. As a result, most businesses shut down during this period.

Otherwise, the timing is pleasant to catch a sight of various wild animals roaming around in their natural habitat. Moreover, the jungle’s lush greenery, exotic wildlife, less crowded, and low-cost prices of almost everything only add to the benefits. However, make sure to bring the right items suitable for this weather while traveling.

Quite Expensive? Learn to manage your expenses

As one of the most expensive countries in Latin America, a trip to Costa Rica often becomes more costly than planned. You might even be charged more for certain items than what you’d have in countries like UK and USA. 

Restaurants in Costa Rica also charge 23% more than the actual cost of the food written on the menu. Well, that’s because the tax is 10% and their servicing charge is around 13%. So, if you’re low on budget, having a proper lunch at a classy restaurant in Costa Rica might stay as a dream. But that certainly doesn’t mean you won’t get to try the local delicacies. You can visit local eateries, known as Sodas, and enjoy mouth-watering food at a much more affordable price.

Even car rental services are costly in the country. So ditch that and try local transportation to check out tourist places. You can even stay at hostels and camps to save a few more bucks! We are hoping these tips to travel in Costa Rica can help you.

Drink water directly from the tap

Okay, this might sound absurd at first, but hear us out! You can directly drink water from the tap in Costa Rica and survive. You don’t have to go around buying plastic water bottles; instead, you can bring a reusable one and refill it whenever needed. The water in Costa Rica is drinkable so that you won’t fall sick. Besides, you’ll also save some money and the environment. If possible, use an insulated water bottle, that way, water will stay cold even in the country’s hot weather.

Try learning the local language

Although you won’t have any problem finding locals who can converse in English fluently, learning a few Spanish words will level up your travel game. It will not only help you chat better, but you’ll also be able to understand instructions and public display signs.

Knowing some Spanish can also help you bargain while shopping from local stores. Besides, the locals here love to initiate a conversation. So it’s only good when you know how to respond to them, right? You can also go a step ahead and take a few classes before your trip to get the Tico accent right!

Carry local currency for easier transactions

Usually, credit cards are accepted everywhere in Costa Rica. However, it’s ideal to carry the local currency, Costa Rican Colón, for easy transactions at smaller businesses, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. 

Tourists can easily exchange their currency at the airport with Colón. If not, many currency exchange stores are also available in the market that offer pretty much similar exchange rates.

Put necessary items in your travel bag

While packing your bag for the trip, make sure to carry essential items that can help you deal with the weather. A raincoat is a must in this country, so make sure to put them in your bag. Also, if you can, carry a dry towel with you all the time as you can’t predict when it might start raining.

Sunglasses are quite a necessity as it gets sunnier even in the monsoon. Don’t forget your SPF! A sunscreen with SPF 60 or above is another must-have in the weather of Costa Rica. Also, carry a reusable, insulated water bottle with you. Make sure to dress comfortably; loose clothes are usually ideal for the country’s weather. 

You’ll be walking a lot in the water. So for that, you’ll need sturdy, comfortable, and water-resistant boots that can help you tread easily, without slipping.

Be cautious about your belongings

In general, Costa Rica is a very safe travel destination for tourists. However, petty thefts and pickpockets can become a problem if you aren’t careful. Basic common sense can save you from the hassle of losing your belongings. 

Firstly, never leave your things in a parked car. And even if you have to, at least, make sure they cannot be seen from the outside. Next, always park your car in the parking lot of tourist places or near other vehicles. 

Also, whenever in a crowded area, be extra careful of pickpockets. Never leave your belongings unattended. And if, by any chance, your things get lost or stolen, then immediately report at the local police station.

Respect the local people and their traditions

The locals of Costa Rica are always welcoming and generous towards tourists. They love to initiate a friendly conversation and help people out. So whenever you interact with them, do return their hospitality with kindness. If you’re in some unfavorable situation, ask for help politely. Besides, don’t make fun of their tradition; respect their religious customs. Don’t break the laws and traffic rules of the country. Also, make sure not to litter around and keep your surroundings clean.

Consider going for an all-inclusive tour package

Most travelers might cross out the idea of taking an organized tour. More so when it comes to a country like Costa Rica where one can easily find English-speaking locals and various accommodation options. 
However, an all-inclusive tour package can be helpful if you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy your trip. And that’s where Leona Waterfall Tours come into play. We make sure that you don’t miss out on the best tourist places and have a great experience in Costa Rica. W also offer customized tour packages to suit one’s requirements and budget. You’ll also get a local tour expert who will guide you through all the places and activities that you might enjoy doing in Costa Rica.


While traveling to Costa Rica, you must know some tips to have the best experience. Here, we talked about a few of them, which we deemed necessary. Just keeping these in mind will get you through your trip. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book the tickets and accommodation, and fly to this heaven to have the best vacation close to nature! Thank you for reading and we hope these 10 tips to travel in Costa Rica have been helpful for you.